CC138 Statuario Quartz Stone
  • CC138 Statuario Quartz Stone

CC138 Statuario Quartz Stone

FOB Reference Price Purchase quantity (Square Meter(s))

>= 50 Square Meter(s)

US $52.00

Minimum order quantity50 Square Meter(s)

Warranty: 10 year warranty.

Place of Origin: China

Application: Kitchen/Vanity tops, Floor/Wall pavement, Table tops etc.

Surface Finish: Polished, Honed, Matte, Bushhammered.

Size: Slab L2800mmxH1300mm~L3200mmxH1800mm; Cut to size Customized per drawings.

Thickness: 15/20/30mm

Certification: NSF Food Zone, Greenguard Gold

Water Absorption: 0.027%

Apparent Density: 2379kg/m3

Mohs Hardness: 6

Flexural Strength: 47.6MPa

Impact Resistance: 5.12J

Compressive Strength: Dry Condition: 239.6MPa, Wet Condition: 232.1MPa

Resistance to Freeze and Thaw: Weight Loss 0.04%, Appearance No Damage

Characteristics of Engineered Quartz


Hard surface: the surface of quartz stone is extremely hard. The Mohs hardness is as high as 6, which is much higher than that of daily tools. It can not be scratched and worn by common iron tools such as shovel blade and wallpaper knife.


High temperature resistance: the surface of quartz stone has outstanding high temperature resistance and can withstand high temperature of 400-1000 degrees. There is no problem to bear the temperature of boiling water. Even if the bottom of the red pot is placed on the table, there will be no trace as long as it is not placed for a long time. In other words, the temperature exposed in daily life can not burn it, nor can it be burned by the temperature of cigarettes.


Dense surface: quartz stone compounded under vacuum and high pressure. Its surface is dense, non microporous, non absorbent and easy to clean. Acid, oil, tea, alcohol, coffee and soft drinks will not leave traces on its surface. The surface of quartz is treated by many complex processes and has bright luster. Generally, it can always be kept as clean as new by cleaning with clean water.


Environmentally friendly materials: the main component of quartz stone is selected natural quartz stone, which is composed of 93% quartz crystal, 7% resin and additives. Because it does not contain heavy metal impurities and the whole production and recovery process does not undergo chemical treatment, it is a completely environmental friendly material without radiation, environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless.


Hygienic material: because the surface of the material is dense, non microporous and non absorbent, it has bacteriostatic function and can be in direct contact with food.


Surface with simple maintenance: the high performance of the surface of quartz stone slabs makes it almost impossible to be damaged in daily use. Therefore, it does not need complicated maintenance means such as grinding and polishing in the future, and can keep it as clean as new every day. The trouble caused by after-sales service to users is avoided to the greatest extent. Moreover, there will be no fibrous dust with static electricity generated after polishing of artificial stone. This dust will float in the air, difficult to settle, adsorb on walls and furniture, difficult to remove, and easily inhale into human body, which is not only harmful to health, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to users.


Excellent processability: quartz stone slab has the processability that natural stone does not have. It can be accurately processed, spliced with various shapes, and spliced seamlessly, without water leakage, edge collapse, small trace and beautiful.


Color and specification: due to man-made operability, quartz stone can also make rich and colorful textures and colors.


High performance application: quartz stone composite board is widely used in fields requiring high surface quality, such as kitchen countertop, toilet countertop, desktop, dining table, floor, windowsill, stairs, laboratory console, laboratory consoleetc. It has been widely used in airports, hospitals, shops, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, medical institutions, financial securities, educational research, sports venues, home decoration, etc. its outstanding surface physicochemical properties and service properties are unmatched by other materials.


Best decorative materials: the color design of quartz stone makes it similar to natural stone in vision, touch and feeling. The bright luster like metal ranks first in the stone family. Italian designers design new designs and colors for stone every year, and outdated designs and colors are eliminated. In the Chinese market, we will keep more than 40 designs and colors for customers to choose, which is enough to meet the fashion needs in the decoration field. The composite board can be perfectly combined with ceramic tile, metal, wood products, glass and other building materials, and can freely construct your own style according to your intention. It is not only the best choice of decoration materials, but also the absolute embodiment of modern decoration.

Payment Terms: 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before delivery.

Payment Methods: Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit

Delivery Terms: FOB, EXW, CFR, CIF

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